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Trailight to Expand Its Market

The highest-quality tipping semi-trailer manufacturer of Europe, MEILLER-DAMPER has chosen Trailight as its electricity set supplier in its factories of Adapazarı in Turkey and Slany in Czech Republic.

Leader of trailer market, Tırsan prefers TRAILIGHT in its ADR KASSBOHRER tankers and dumper trucks.

OTOKAR FREUHAUF's new goal is to expand the use of TRAILIGHT, which it started in one model of its, to all its vehicles. SERİN DORSE now uses TRAILIGHT in all its vehicles.

Having released its new ADR tanker into the market, NURSAN's choice for electricity set has been TRAILIGHT.

GÜVEN MAKİNA, which is in leading position in Turkey for bulk trailers, uses TRAILIGHT in its vehicles.