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2020 Vision in Sa-ba's Calendar: FROM COCCOON TO POWER

12K model is the management model, which Sa-ba established for a production system infrastructure at international standards in conditions of competition and which forms the road map of continuous development, and it is applied in cooperation with Inotec.

The objective is to confirm Sa-ba's performance assessment and create a production system at international standards by structuring the infrastructure of production systems according to defined criteria. Within the model that brings holistic assessment, high productivity, system development follow-up, high technology integration, measurability and comparison to production system; the stages of achieving lean production are:

• Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

      VSM technique, which is used to plan lean practices by recognizing waste sources in existing operation, is utilised for the analysis and increase of the value that is produced. It provides continuous stream at macro level.

• 5S

      5S technique, which was developed for sustainability in the quality of work environment, is used for improvement in performance, comfort, safety and hygiene. It decreases waste and variability.


      SMED, which is used for changing of dies and preparation of benches for production, is utilised to achieve systematic time saving. It optimizes machine utilisation time, and provides delivery on time and destocking by shortening the times of manufacturing, machines' being idle, adjustment and preparation, and of flexible production.

• Machine, Dies, Apparatus (TPM)

      TPM, which prescribes autonomous maintenance with participation of all employees, prevents failures and takes equipment activity to the highest level.

• Daily Solution Management System (SQDCM)

      SQDCM, which prescribes solving problems that could occur, with team work and systematic methods, uses systematic methods like 8D and A3.

• Kanban

      Kanban, which is an information system that provides data for processes in order for production to be made on time, is a body of financial systems which are manual and with low investment cost, the first applier of which was Toyota.