SA-BA Endüstriyel Ürünler A.Ş.



Full Automatic PCB Production Line

A according to automotive customers' requests and requirements for the spsific LED and electronic parts production was established in its new place since the beginning of 2015 and  it has been approved by OEM & Tier1s starting with May 2015.

Parellel with our strategic goals, the in-line and full automatic production line has been selected so that all production equipments with high-tech automation  (feeder, laser marker, screen printer, pick & place, wave soldering, depanelling) and control processes (3D AOI, ICT) automotive standards and expectations are met.

All semi products and electronic components used in production, , due to sensitivity to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and especially dust; are processed in  Class 10000 clean room and ESD enviroment condition. Also.all semicomponents are kept in automatic shelf system with ESD protection. Ambient temperature, humidity, pressure values ​​are kept under control.

OEM customer expectations in all processes, from design to final product are covered 100% by Sa-ba’s  own resources and equity.