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Sa-ba and Varroc Shakes Hands: Foreign Capital is in Turkey Again

Varroc Lighting Systems, headquartered in USA and one of the largest car and motorcycle lighting and electrical equipment manufacturers worldwide has become the new owner of Sa-ba Industrial Products Inc., which is a leading organization in the automotive sub-industry of Turkey. Having proven its power of innovation in trailer lighting systems by creating the Trailight brand and having proven its investment vision for export with Sa-ba Bulgaria, Sa-ba draws significant foreign capital investment to Turkey as a result of the successful graphic it registered in the industry for 42 years. Founded by Tarang Jain in India in 1990, Varroc reinforced its power in the global market by adding Sa-ba to its 46 production plants in various countries while the automotive sub-industry sector in Turkey gained a new global player.

Stephanie Vedie, Chairman and CEO of Varroc Lighting Systems said “With this investment, we have once again underlined our undertaking for global expansion which provides low cost, superior quality lighting products and technologies to our customers”, highlighting that Turkey is a growing market and that with this investment, the service area offered by the company will expand and dramatically enhance its capability in the small lighting area. Varroc is aiming to reach 2 billion Euro turnover until 2021 by organic and inorganic growth. Having acquired the 10,000 square meters production and technology center in Istanbul and the Dimitrovgrad factory with ongoing construction in Bulgaria with the Sa-ba investment, the company has increased its global presence to 17 countries in five continents with its recent investments.

Sa-ba and Varroc Shakes Hands: Foreign Capital is in Turkey Again