Sa-ba was founded by Ünal Özlü with the purpose of producing rubber-based mats and accessories for automobiles, and continued its activities uninterruptedly.


Plastic injection section was created within its body.

Zamak injection, metal press and electrostatic powder coating units were established.

Sa-ba Europe manufacturing plants were moved to Beylikdüzü.


ECE-approved products started to be manufactured.

BVQI Total Quality System Standard certification was received.

CAD-CAM supported design and CNC dies manufacture-maintenance units and product development department was established.


ISO/TS:16949 Quality System Standard and ISO:14001 Environmental Management System certifications were received.

Sa-ba Asia supplemental manufacturing plants started to operate in Tuzla.

Trailight® brand was launched.

International relations was established.

Dasteri (Greece) and Rinder (Spain) products started to be marketed, and production capacity was increased.


Sa-ba received Europe Ford Q1 certification.

Cooperation with Autoliv factories in a number of countries from Japan to Argentina started and product shipment volume was increased.

First P&D work for Ford was completed, and product shipment to foreign OEM assembly lines started.

Cooperation with Magna International started.

Sa-ba Asia manufacturing plants received ISO/TS:16949 Quality System Standard and ISO:14001 Environmental Management System and Ford Q1 certifications.

Production and quality equipment investments were completed.

Vacuum metallisation, vibratory welding, thermal test chambers started to operate.

Sa-ba Asia manufacturing plants reached full capacity.


Activity in world markets was increased with new markets and new OEM customers. All production was carried to Tuzla plants and final stage of integration was completed.

Vibration device and combined climatic chamber were added into the body of the laboratory.

Trailight® became the domestic market leader in TIR lightings with ADR.

ISO TS27001, Ford Q1, Renault Asess, VW Formel-Q certifications were received.

Trailight® became the supplier of FX Meiller and Chereau.

Trailight Europe Sales and Application Engineering Centre was founded in the United Kingdom.

Employees of Sa-ba became members of Petrol-İş Union.

SO 27001 Information Security Management System certification was received.

Theoretical infrastructure of institutionalisation and lean production works was finalised, and Sa-ba Vision 2020 programme began to be implemented with the Cocoon year.


Butterfly year programme with a theme of change and transformation in Vision 2020 programme was put into effect.

Design and product development agreement was signed with Aston Martin.