SA-BA Endüstriyel Ürünler A.Ş.

Maintenance activities at Sa-ba are established upon the principles of total productive maintenance (TPM), with the goal of reducing unplanned stoppage ratios and costs.

The objective is to prevent failures and problems of dies in serial production without allowing disruption in production.

• In periodical maintenance, each operator, who works at production or support units, takes on the task of first degree maintenance as well. Trained operators' regular, daily maintenance is an integral part of serial production.

• Periodical maintenance, which requires mechanic, electronic and mechatronics expertise, is done with systematic annual maintenance agreements. Device maintenance, daily and monthly maintenances are tracked with Eagle Proteus III software.

• In predictive maintenance, equipment failure record is passed on to scheduled maintenances, and possible failure is prevented even in fault-free components with periodic replacement. Continuity of all machines and equipment is ensured with thermal and periodical oil analysis and vibration control.

 • Dies and apparatus maintenance plans are determined at project stage, and periods are entered on record cards of dies and tracked with Eagle Proteus III software. Dies are tracked with Fredom software in terms of number of production in order to create a maintenance plan on print run tracking.

• Dies are maintained after print period. Water discharge running through the dies in which steel at world standards is used, and precautions against blockages are tracked on numeral basis. The protective and anti-abrasion oils used in dies systems are at standards that do not generate quality risks like evaporation, dripping or melting.